We are committed to assisting you to ensure your assets are working towards your long term goals and objectives.

If you have deposits with a bank or building society that are paying a low rate of interest, the actual purchasing power of these funds maybe reducing. If these funds are greater than the amount that you require for any capital expenditure, or you would require in the event of any financial emergency, you should consider depositing some of the funds into a higher rate interest account. If you think it would be highly unlikely that you would require these funds within a 5 year period and you are prepared to invest these monies then we would be able to give you advice on alternative types of investment

Prior to making any recommendations we would assess your needs taking into account your personal circumstances, your attitude to investment risk as well as your tax position.

It is important with all types of investment to balance risk versus reward, generally the higher the risk you are prepared to take the higher the potential reward. The converse also applies that cash deposits are deemed to be safe however the returns can be very low as a result of the current low interest rates.

Asset allocation is key to a successful investment portfolio. There are 4 main assets types; cash, bonds, property and equities. You can invest in each asset class either directly or through managed funds. We will help you find the right balance and investment product to meet your long term goals.

Past performance is not a guide to the future. Prices can go down as well as up. Investment returns may fluctuate and are not guaranteed.

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